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Music and Performance Art

I specialize in music and performance art.  Since 1995 I have put on about 500 shows in venues from nightclubs to churches, warehouses, cafes, and homes and my own Portland venue.  All acts have been personally vetted by me.  That means I have personally witnessed every act in front of live audiences, assuring you that every act it top-tier, no filler, no fluff.  Musically I specialize in jazz (3-piece to 50-piece) and unusual music including Balkan (eastern European, aka "Gypsy" music), bluegrass, Western swing, and unusual solo performers (violin, harp, dulcimer, etc.)  For performance art I have provided people who do such diverse things from glass blowing to Chinese foot juggling, contortionists to magic.  Contact me for ideas!

I have a very simple contract for most shows: 50% down, 50% due at time of show.  50% is refundable if you cancel the show up to 14 days before the show; after that, no refund.  In most circumstances the performers provide their own sound equipment. If the performers cancel, you get a 100% refund.  Performers reserve the right to sell merchandise at the show.  The venue (you) provide any musical performance licenses (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC), a suitable stage or performance area, and suitable lighting.  We definite "suitable" as something typical for a live performance.  A typical show is 2 sets (or 2 acts) of 50 minutes each over a period of 2 hours.  Other options are available, of course.

Normal bookings require a 2-month notice so that I can be sure to get an exact match to the kind of show you want.  I can sometimes book less than 2 months in advance, but since performers have tight schedules this isn't always possible. 

Other things: I can provide karaoke jockeys as well as game nights where people can play board and card games.  Currently I operate two games groups in San Francisco, and can provide one for your venue.  The games groups are weekly. 

David Kaye Promotions operates within 50 miles of San Francisco. 

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If your bar, nightclub, or other venue wants a change of pace from the usual sports TV, I have a great deal for you: 90 to 120 minute DVDs that play in your regular DVD player or computer.  Pop in the DVD and forget it because there are no menus and the DVD repeats continuously, so your host or bartender doesn't have to worry.  The DVD collection features everything from fashion shows and nature scenes to quirky programs featuring car stunts, biplane stunts, 1950s burlesque, old movie trailers, surfing and skateboarding videos, old TV commercials, the works.  The ides is to entertain your customers in a different way with eye candy they'll talk about with other patrons.  One venue which has used the BarTV DVDs successfully is the Powerhouse bar on Folsom Street in San Francisco. operates nationwide.

I have a website especially for this, where you can learn about each DVD and even order online with 3-day shipping:

Honest Dave

This is the 3rd part of the triad, full computer technical support, specializing in computer networking, including security cameras and Wi-Fi.  Do you need to restrict wireless access in your venue?  I can provide routers to restrict the time of access and the number of minutes and bandwidth your customers can use so that they don't hog all your bandwidth!  Also, I provide security cameras and a controller that can be accessed using most desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets in real time and with playback of video up to 2 weeks.  San Francisco's Atlas Cafe on 20th Street has both the Wi-Fi and security camera installations.  These are not cheapo Nest cameras that require a lot of bandwidth, but full professional systems I've installed in schools, retail stores, and venues.

Honest Dave operates within 30 miles of San Francisco, or further with additional charges.

Here's the Honest Dave website link, which will give you more info than you can possibly use:

How Do You Do It All?

I don't do it all.  I supervise everything and bring in trusted helpers when necessary.  I also keep things extremely simple.  I use standard contracts, standard equipment, and standard procedures.  Notice the simple standard website.  Nothing fancy, just the facts put into a readable form that can be browsed on any tablet or desktop computer.  That's the way I work.  No sleight of hand here.  Everything you get is exactly as promised or I don't charge.  I'm a former venue operator with a background in broadcasting, electronics and computers.  I opened my first club over 15 years ago, have been managing computers since 1995, and have been booking performers for others since 1999. 

--David Kaye


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